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Home Article Why Jungle Justice Is Cruel And Barbaric

Why Jungle Justice Is Cruel And Barbaric

Why Jungle Justice Is Cruel And Barbaric

When a person is killed without going through due, legal process, it is jungle justice.

Call it extrajudicial killings possibly by an angry mob and you will be correct.

But, it is cruel, barbaric, animalistic, inhuman, degrading and against the peace, unity and progress of humanity.

The police are there to protect the citizens. But, police officers anywhere in the world are not magicians. They need information from the people in order to protect them.

In the serious business of security and safety, the police and the public should be partners in progress. I am sure you agree with me, here.

Therefore, no one has the right under the sun to kill another, without going through legal process.

Why am I writing this? Well, last week was quite hectic for me as a practicing journalist in Lagos, Nigeria.

An angry mob allegedly killed some persons suspected to be either kidnappers or ritual killers in various parts of Lagos.

The persons caught and either killed or beaten before they were rescued by the police were seen coming out of underground tunnels in some isolated areas.

Questioned by the mob, the people caught could not give satisfactory explanations of what they were doing in the tunnels. So, jungle justice was applied. Too bad a copy.

Thank God the police was able to tame the rampaging activities of the mob and actually arrested about 30 suspects linked with the barbaric acts.

It is observed that some persons who may be mentally challenged roam the streets and end up sleeping in some gutters, tunnels and abandoned buildings, carrying all sorts of things with them.

Now, the question is. How did the angry mob know if those they caught and beat up or killed were either innocent persons, kidnappers, ritual killers or mentally challenged persons?

Nigeria is my beloved country. It is a developing country. But, criminals are found in both developing and developed countries of our world.

Therefore, some reckless and uninformed persons should not carry out jungle justice on others when the police are there to protect the citizens.

Security and safety is not about the police alone. It is also about the people.

The best police detective cannot work effectively without information from the people. It is not my duty as a journalist to sing the praises of the police in Lagos. But, in fairness, the police are trying it best.

Roasting people to dead in the name of suspecting that they are ritual killers or kidnappers is degrading to the society and humanity. Yes, the media will report the incidents. But, the image of our beloved country is at stake here.


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